Alpine Coaster Busteni

  • Wednesday 1st July 2015

The alpine coaster in Busteni is the world's third-shortest Wiegand coaster, with a length of just 300m. The other two shorter ones can be found in Belarus. It was raining heavily as our car pulled into the wrong car park. We had accidentally arrived at the other side of the alpine coaster. I walked over to the deserted ride. In one of the rooms were two bored employees. We asked one of them if the coaster was open. He replied yes, but they would only run it if the rain stopped.

I took shelter from the rain which was getting heavier. After ten minutes my friend finally drove around to the correct car park. We had a quick chat and decided that we would go to our next destination and return here just before the ride closed. We went over to speak to the staff member, telling him that we would return before they closed at 4pm. On hearing this, he probably thought to himself, "These loonies are not going to keep me hanging around here all day! I want to get the hell out of here. Let me just give them a ride so they can get lost and I can go home."

He opened the coaster for us there and then. We had one go on it in the rain. Apart from being short it was an okay ride, nothing to write home about. But more important than the ride experience, we were happy to have ridden the only alpine coaster in Romania. We thanked him for letting us ride and he probably thanked us for letting him go home early. It was a win-win situation for all of us.

Entrance to the Alpine Coaster station.

The customary Wiegand wall chart

Here's our ride.

Off we go...

The highest point is near those trees.

Going up the lift hill

Looking towards the station. 

Nice sweet ride.

The brake run.

Kat made it!

It's a bird, it's a plane...

No! it's George and check that impression on his face.

Here I am, soaked to the bone but very happy.

Peles Castle

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