Sunny Beach Lunapark

  • Friday 3rd July 2015

Sunny beach is an extremely popular holiday resort on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. On the first draft of the trip it looked as if we would be staying here. The area has a bad reputation as it's known as the party town.  It was a relief to know that our change of plan meant we would be staying in the city of  Plovdiv instead.

Sunny Beach Lunapark is a small amusement park that backs up against the seafront on one side. The other sides are taken up by shops, restaurants and nightclubs. A central building within the park separates its two coasters, with the Dragon on one side and the bigger coaster on the other.

We also found another park, Fun Park, but the coaster was not open yet. More on this later.

A busy shopping and restaurant area as you approach Sunny Beach Lunapark.

The bigger coaster is visible as you enter the park

Based on the photo, I was expecting a coaster similar to Maverick at Cedar Point. 

In reality we had to make do with a Pinfari Zyklon.

The second coaster was Zamperla powered Dragon called Dragon Coaster.

A few other rides in the park.

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  1. The Pinfari... looks suspiciously like Storm from 'New' Pleasureland Southport / (Camelot's Gauntlet)...?