Sky Park

  • Saturday 4th July 2015

Most amusement rides associated with shopping malls are in an FEC inside the mall. Some even operate in the mall's car park. But only rarely does one see an amusement park on the roof of a shopping mall. Sky Park is located on the roof of the Paradise Center, a plush shopping mall in Sofia. The park has one coaster. Roller Coaster Typhoon is an Interpark Zyklon-style coaster.

Park map

Heading to the park.

Park mascots

Roller Coaster Typhoon is an Intapark Zyklon.

The coaster is placed near the edge of the roof.

The coaster provides some decent views.

Other rides in the park.

We had lunch in the mall's food court. Here's what I had for desserts.

 Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

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