Rila Monastery

  • Saturday 4th July 2015

Rila Monestery is an hour's drive south of Sofia. This UNESCO world heritage site is the largest and most famous Eastern Orthordox Monastery in Bulgaria. Founded in the tenth century, it's regarded as one of Bulgaria's most important monuments. It's also a key player in tourism for Bulgaria as it attracts over 900,000 visitors a year. 

We spent an hour here. Admission is free but to see the museum and the tower, there is an extra charge. If you thinking of going up in the tower for the view, don’t waste your money. The view is terrible to nonexistent. It's well worth checking out the museum, though. No photos are allowed inside the prayer area. Also appropriate clothing is needed. No short skirts or short shorts for the ladies.

The entrance to the Monastery.

Map of Rila Monastery and surrounding area.

Stunning painting work.

Going up the tower.

The view from the tower is not great.

The perfect photobomb, thanks guys.

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